One year ago

Yesterday, I broke personal records riding my bike. (Scroll past the stats, if you’re not interested, to get to the good stuff at the end of the post.)

Farthest Distance

15.17 mi

Longest Duration


Most Calories Burned

483 cal

Largest Elevation Climb

702 ft

Farthest Distance in a Week

27.96 mi

Longest Duration in a Week


Most Calories Burned in a Week

889 cal

Largest Elevation Climb in a Week

1220 ft

Farthest Distance in a Month

44.94 mi

Most Calories Burned in a Month

1444 cal

Largest Elevation Climb in a Month

1936 ft


One year ago, I could barely finish five minutes of yoga without feeling like I had the flu. I wanted to die.

Ask me about my super duper healthy eating plan and I’ll tell you it’s a a large part of why I’ve come so far. 


Help Wanted

I need a little help. All I need you to do is put one of these products in the shopping cart to tell me if the product line is live. No purchase is necessary, I just need to ensure that the products can be seen and purchased since I cannot find these products in my actual storefront.

Figuring out how to be a designer with Zazzle has been rough. Mostly because my comprehension skills have become challenging. Additionally, Zazzle’s platform is quite challenging to work with. Actually, the website virtually crashed this weekend while their techs were at home with their families. I’m positive this did not effect the consumer, but only the designers. I love their product line and I hope the platform will get easier in the near future. There are many testimonials from designers that have had much success with this online store, so I will remain hopeful.

But I digress.

Please allow me to introduce my first product line. “Tree Against Halloween Night Sky”


Please dig a little for me? No purchase necessary!