One year ago

Yesterday, I broke personal records riding my bike. (Scroll past the stats, if you’re not interested, to get to the good stuff at the end of the post.)

Farthest Distance

15.17 mi

Longest Duration


Most Calories Burned

483 cal

Largest Elevation Climb

702 ft

Farthest Distance in a Week

27.96 mi

Longest Duration in a Week


Most Calories Burned in a Week

889 cal

Largest Elevation Climb in a Week

1220 ft

Farthest Distance in a Month

44.94 mi

Most Calories Burned in a Month

1444 cal

Largest Elevation Climb in a Month

1936 ft


One year ago, I could barely finish five minutes of yoga without feeling like I had the flu. I wanted to die.

Ask me about my super duper healthy eating plan and I’ll tell you it’s a a large part of why I’ve come so far. 


Tomorrow List

Each night, I plan tomorrow. 

To become more grounded, focused and present in the moment I’ve established a list of important things for me to do, tomorrow. These are not house chores nor errands to run (although these can be incorporated) This list is full of self care items that I need to do every day. The most important part of the list and the day is the morning. Morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.

The tomorrow list includes some things that are expected and I must write each one down:

  • make the bed
  • brush the teeth
  • get dressed
  • shower

These are important items that healthy people do every day, without thought. You would be surprised at how many times my husband will call me on his way home from work and I’m still in my pajamas and haven’t brushed my teeth let alone showered. “What did you do today?” he will ask, because he’s interested. My reply: “um, I don’t know.” Because I don’t. My day has passed by and I don’t remember what the heck I did!

Next on my tomorrow list are items that are for my well being. These are nurturing items.

  • drink water
  • eat healthy breakfast in the sunroom (this is important, there’s no tv and it’s bright and cheery in there)
  • take meds

Again, I will forget to do this. I will wake up, stumble around for coffee only to sit on the couch in front of the tv. Next thing I know, my body is screaming in pain and it’s lunch time. I’ve forgotten to give myself these small tokens of love. 

My list of things that I must do tomorrow then carries on to caring for my spirit. This is a long list of items that are enjoyable and necessary.

  • yoga (there’s an app for that)
  • pranayama (breathing) (there’s many apps for this)
  • Stretch
  • watch the leaves fall
  • stand in the sunlight
  • observe the way the sunlight filters through the trees
  • draw
  • color
  • paint
  • walk

All of these are allowed all day long. Yet, there are items on the tomorrow list that are not allowed at specific times during the day. Examples are….

 Before noon:

  • No Facebook, tv or activities that allow my awareness to drift. 

After noon until 3pm:

  • No coffee
  • Healthy lunch (yes, these words are on the list and to be written down)
  • Creating on is allowed 
  • No Facebook or tv

3 to 5 pm

  • Caffeine is not allowed 
  • I’m allowed all access to mind traps (technology)
  • Prep for dinner 
  • Breathing/ stretching or yoga should be done. 

Evenings with husband are different than when he’s not home. 

  • With husband, I can indulge in any activity after he gets home. 
  • Without husband (and there are many days without) I should be creative and avoid distractions. 
  • Listening to an audiobook while coloring is good!

When I write my plan for tomorrow, I include “top three goals”. These can include getting to Doctor appointments, painting a picture or *snuggling with husband. 

At the end of the day, I write a new list and check off what was accomplished and try to incorporate what wasn’t accomplished in the next day. 

Why such a strange list? Why avoid specific things throughout the day? Because I need conditioning to change. If I keep on drooling at the tv until my husband comes home, my mind, body and soul will waste away. If I must stay alive then I must create a lifestyle that nurtures me. 

We are not like the others. Staying alive is hard. Living is harder. I want to embrace my artistic, tree hugging side. So long as I can avoid the distractions and take my meds on time. I can do this. Can you? 

*Don’t laugh, snuggling with husband is important and I have developed a habit of not doing it because of the pain.