Furious Sunset

I’m back to creating prints of my artwork for sale.
Here’s my latest:



New Christmas Decor

Personally designed by me!



Doctor Hats

Oh how I love when I come across someone from my old work place while I’m out of the house. The conversation becomes impossible almost immediately. 

Not a Doctor “Where have you been?”

Me: “I had to quit, I have [enter chosen reason here]_______ (chronic pain, fibromyalgia, my spine is crumbling, severe anxiety, depression, scoliosis, all of the above)

Not a Doctor: “Well you look fine. You’re out shopping. Why don’t you take a desk job?”

Me: “Ummm well, you see, today I felt good enough to walk around the store. Tomor…”

Not a Doctor: “Oh you’ll do fine. Working is good for you. I have pain too.”

Me:  “oh, yeah…your right”

Why do I have to explain and defend my condition to so many people? Maybe I should carry around a doctor’s excuse. I understand that people generally want to help. But how is this helpful at all? Because of this awkward conversation that I’ve had with almost everyone who still has a job, I’ve come up with alternative techniques. 

1: avoid them at all costs. (Preferred)

  1. When they ask where I’ve been, I tell them I quit and I spend my time vacationing in Hawaii.
    -Generally this is the best conversation to have. I don’t know why the crazy scenario is more acceptable. 

Please, take off your Doctor hat. Just accept that someone has chosen to not work for a very good reason and offer some sympathy. 

As soon as I sell a piece of art I will have a different story to tell:

3.” I am a full time artist.”