It is possible, it has to be.

I had a revelation the other day… One day I will talk about this horrible thing that I endured. And no one will grasp the gravity of it because my smile will be so genuine. #fibromyalgia #dontstopbelieving #revalation #icantmakethisup The Daily Prompt

Not Spaghetti

This is my spaghetti bowl. For reference, it can hold like 6 servings of spaghetti noodles. It is big. This is Day 19 of super duper healthy eating. And this is my lunch (not spaghetti). 2 Tbs of Homemade hummus, 4 oz of cottage cheese with two blackberries squished on top for sweetness, 1 whole cup of baby greens, 1 whole cup of cucumber, yellow pepper and a few cherry tomatoes to dip my hummus. #optavia30 #fibromyalgia