We went out for little ride last night and obliterated a personal record. This time, my fastest speed was 26MPH. I raised my average mile per our to 14MPH. HEALTHY LIFE FOR THE WIN!!!!


One year ago

Yesterday, I broke personal records riding my bike. (Scroll past the stats, if you’re not interested, to get to the good stuff at the end of the post.)

Farthest Distance

15.17 mi

Longest Duration


Most Calories Burned

483 cal

Largest Elevation Climb

702 ft

Farthest Distance in a Week

27.96 mi

Longest Duration in a Week


Most Calories Burned in a Week

889 cal

Largest Elevation Climb in a Week

1220 ft

Farthest Distance in a Month

44.94 mi

Most Calories Burned in a Month

1444 cal

Largest Elevation Climb in a Month

1936 ft


One year ago, I could barely finish five minutes of yoga without feeling like I had the flu. I wanted to die.

Ask me about my super duper healthy eating plan and I’ll tell you it’s a a large part of why I’ve come so far. 

Not Spaghetti

This is my spaghetti bowl. For reference, it can hold like 6 servings of spaghetti noodles. It is big. This is Day 19 of super duper healthy eating. And this is my lunch (not spaghetti). 2 Tbs of Homemade hummus, 4 oz of cottage cheese with two blackberries squished on top for sweetness, 1 whole cup of baby greens, 1 whole cup of cucumber, yellow pepper and a few cherry tomatoes to dip my hummus. #optavia30 #fibromyalgia

Where am I? Week 2

The past two weeks did not go as smoothly as I had hoped.  The rough part was figuring out that there are specific medications that produce surprising withdrawal symptoms, even though I thought I’d weaned off of them. The great part is that I’ve experienced some really good progress since I’ve began eating very healthily thanks to the genius methods of Dr  Wayne Scott Anderson .

The rain last week and withdrawal symptoms created a slow start to the new, healthy me. I’ll try to quantify the results once I’ve been doing this eating right thing for a full month. I should be able to show actual Fitbit reports of sleep and activity levels improving.  Until then, here is a synopsis of the changes I’ve noticed and the end of week two

  • I’ve lost 5 pounds and my BMI is now one point less. Now that I have a handle on how to adjust my calorie intake, my energy level has increased.
  • My skin is softer and my eyes are no longer dry because I drink enough water!
  • I’m not constipated anymore! Seriously, why didn’t the docs tell me to eat better instead of giving me that crappy Mirilax?
  • I sleep 8-9 hours a night (most nights) rather than 5-6 hours. I still experience times when my brain won’t shut down.. I blame that on the fibromyalgia.
  • My brain fog has mostly gone… I hope my short term memory will come back in time.
  • I can speak cognitively again! No stumbling over words and blank thoughts!
  • My anxiety and depression levels have dropped significantly! Just one flare up yesterday and today but that’s hormonal. Hopefully this will reverse as well as my hormones even out because of my glycemic index becoming more stable.
  • My smell and taste have actually improved, despite a recent diagnosis of a deviated septum. (I smelled pepper as I was grinding it!)
  • I really didn’t think this was possible but, I wake up less exhausted. I drink 1 cup of coffee and I’m ready to face the day. It used to be three.
  • Did I say face the day? Yes! My pain levels are low or nonexistent and my energy level is up! I haven’t seen the dramatic super energy that I was hoping for, but it’s very much improved.

Being able to say ‘yes’ more often to physical activities is such a cool experience. I still pace myself and I’m working up to full activity. I still need to rest. An 8 hour work day is far off, but being able to complete 2 hour long activities is within reason.

One of the things about this new eating plan, that I didn’t anticipate is that my cravings are changing. I was able to easily choose a salad at Red Robin instead of a burger and fries like I normally would. I was once powerless to resist them (literally). I think that the detox that the super duper healthy eating program introduced really works. I choose healthy choices at the supermarket. I still crave those Doritos but I chose a healthy antioxidant nut and berry mix instead. And OMG the FLAVORS!!  I look at these words and they look foreign. I’m a hard core eat-whatever-I-want kind of person… but feeling good and removing the addictive additives from my diet helps. I don’t NEED that crap anymore.

In other news.. check out my instagram (scroll way down) for updates on the Alpha-Stim for anxiety that I just tried. This thing is freaky-magical.