Sterling Silver NEVER GIVE UP

The bloggess mentioned this ring today.and I thought it was appropriate timing. I was about to sit in bed and come up with a plan for the next two days when I received an email from her (not directly from her…. but close enough). See, my list feels so huge. 

  1. Go to two different pharmacies to pick up meds because I forgot to tell the doctor to call the most recent order in to the the one I need to go to? Confusing? Yes. 
  2. Go to psychotherapy tomorrow. 
  3. Go to pool therapy on Friday? This may get cancelled because…
  4. I am going to the Marine Corps Ball on Friday. I’ve got everything set, I think. Except I hope my hair works out and I may regret not getting my nails done… oh maybe I’ll get ones from Walmart…
  5. Walmart? That’s another stop I don’t want to make. 

Anyway…. too much stuff to worry about. Not for normal people. This list is small for a normal person. But, this list is a mountain to me. 

Speaking of mountains… guess who’s husband may go to Switzerland for work. And guess who’s husband wants me to come with? 👍🏻👆🏻 this girl! That is a mountain. But right now, I’ll work out how to manage two pharmacies, psychotherapist, Walmart and a Marine Corps Ball all in two days. 

The ring…..


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