sleep, biofeedback and weed

As much as I want this post to make sense, it won’t. Here’s the synopsis:  It’s a recollection of a call from a doctor and the prescribed treatments. — now you don’t have to read any further.

I had a phone consult with my holistic doctor yesterday. We talked about biofeedback benefits,  sleep supplements and weed.

I feel so honored to have a doctor such as Wayne B. Jonas to take the time to call me and counsel me at home. Even though what he tells me is a rehash from the last time we spoke. His coaching is slowly making a difference. He doesn’t get tired of explaining to me the benefits of what I am doing, because he understands the nature of the beast that I battle.  His knowledge about natural supplements and non-pharmaceutical remedies including tai chi, yoga, acupuncture and developing my brain to change my body is unprecedented in the medical world.

When I first heard of Dr. Jonas, I was sitting in front of  a “pain panel”.
The “pain panel” consisted of two Medical Doctors who specialize in pain relief, a pharmacologist and a psychiatrist. In fact, it was about this time last year that I told them every detail of my life. Including the fact that I had no “cares” left. I told them that I didn’t want to take narcotics and I didn’t want to take any more medications. I was sick and tired of the side effects. It was at that point that “the panel” asked if I had met Dr. Jonas yet. I could sense an excitement in all of them as they shifted in their seats and their eyes grew wide. I was set up to meet Dr. Jonas a few days later… the doctor whom all other doctor’s marveled.

I didn’t know what to think as I trudged into the consult room. I had very little luck with doctors. Each preached medications and depression and I had always felt like trash as I left. Dr. Jonas was sitting with his back to the door and I greeted him with a joke. “So you’re the great and powerful Oz!” He turned to look at me and he said “The great and powerful Oz was just a man behind a curtain.” His presence was powerful and calm. I could tell what he was about to tell me was going to benefit me to my very core. I also felt unready to absorb all he was about to tell me.

Dr. Jonas and I created a plan to work together over the next few months. He gave me a small book to read about getting “well”. He gave me homework and he emailed me a plan of action. We’ve worked together on and off over the past year. I’ve seen him face to face once more when I lost my way, but mostly we’ve chatted over email and phone. No matter where Dr. Jonas is, he’s always near me.

Last night he reminded me about limbic system development while  working with biofeedback via the  Inner Balance App. I didn’t actually begin using the until about six months after our first meeting. It was hard for me to justify the money I had to spend on the dangle that was required. He explained to me again, the mechanics and the science behind this treatment. Indeed, now that I have stopped all antidepressants this treatment is vital for any positive development I have going forward.

Dr. Jonas also talked to me about my sleep supplements. Since the natural supplements that he suggested I use have stopped working since my body has acclimated, we have to alternate to a different source. Eventually, I’ll be switching between remedies every few months to my body does not acclimate and therefore, I’ll be unable to sleep.

Lastly, we spoke about medical marijuana. He said that I would greatly benefit from it but since we are not in a state that I’m allowed to have it he would suggest a supplement that has the same effects.

This evening, I am so happy that I began the day with the biofeedback. My body has been in so much pain today, but my brain has taken the pain easily and not wrapped me in anxiety. I don’t know if the biofeedback can fix the pain, but hopefully it can help me handle the sadness that it creates.






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