“Bring your sunshine” article commentary

Wherever You Go, No Matter What the Weather, Always Bring Your Own Sunshine – Anthony J. D’Angelo

I would have agreed with this article a few years ago. I was the one that preached this to the highest mountains! I was high on making myself happy! It felt organic and true. “Happiness is a choice!” I said. And for healthy minds and bodies, this message is absolutely true. Conquer your happy! 

But, when my mind and body turned against me and I could not find my happy. Could not make the choice. Could not and can not make my brain look to the light… I know now that this theory is only true when the brain is strong and is not steeped in depression. Depression is a horrible sickness that needs to be recognized as a disease. 

If you can bring your sunshine, do it! If you can fake your sunshine, that’s alright too. If you can’t bring that sunshine, can’t fake it and can’t even find it… take some time to tell yourself that you are ok and promise yourself you’ll get some help. Talk to a friend, go to a doctor, call the suicide help line. They will talk to you, even if you have nothing to say. 


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