Small bucket big ocean

I’m writing this from bed today. Even my fingers hurt. I suppose that I’ve done too much in the last few weeks and now my body has given up. One doctor’s appointment per day for the past week, an emergency trip to Ohio to see grandpa before he passed and a really bad reaction to hydro-therapy has literally done me in. I’m so tired that I can’t sleep. 

I tell my doctors that it’s like living in a bucket in the middle of the ocean. I cannot do much, or I’ll fall in and drown. The recovery will take three days to a week. At least I hope it only takes that long. The recovery also depends on how much rocking I do in that bucket. Wish I could sleep it off!


7 thoughts on “Small bucket big ocean

    1. It wasn’t my intention to make you blush.
      I have a deep understanding of the activity to recovery ratio. It’s not fun having to factor in how much time you’ll need to recover from doing things we once took for granted.
      I truly hope you feel better soon on all fronts 🙂

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