“Scott Hamilton Diagnosed with Third Brain Tumor, Staying Hopeful: ‘I Choose to Celebrate Life'” an article by People.com

Well, firstly, the title is misleading. Any “Brainiologist” will tell you that the pituitary gland is not part of the brain. But yeah… pituitary tumors* suck and they grow back and it will fuck up your life.

I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor in 2014. Who knows how long it has been there. My tumor, Roy, creates hormone issues, super tiredness, infertility, clumsiness and severe, debilitating migraines. Oh yeah… and the drug that I take has side effects that suck too. But, the side effects are not as bad as the symptoms.

Mine is not cancerous and the article said Scott’s (is/was?) benign as well. The video and the article don’t correlate well because Scott says in the video that it is cancerous. Pituitary tumors can be either benign or not, but cancer is rare.

The tumor that grows back is common. Mine grew back within months after a clean MRI scan. We stopped the medication and bam, it grew back. I knew because I had a migraine for three weeks straight.

Perhaps he had surgery to have his tumor(s) removed and he doesn’t take the same medication that I do to keep the tumor small.

His outlook on life is beautiful and scary. In the video he states, “Be Yamagochi”. When she falls, she gets up and is joyful. Noone would know she even fell. This way of thinking is great for short term. And dangerous for the long term.

You see, you’ll have one day, one week or one year that you will not be able to just act like nothing is wrong. You won’t be able to just shake it off. In fact you won’t be able to pretend that you’re ok. You’ve been so good at it faking it that you won’t even believe yourself when your body is screaming at you. Keep going, keep moving doesn’t work. It’s making you worse.  You just can’t act like nothing is wrong when your body is suffering greatly. I’ve tried. What happens is your friends and loved ones won’t know when you need help, need a break or just can’t get up. Relationships suffer.

My greatest fault was pretending to be ok just to keep friends and to make others happy. I had to stop. I had no choice. The friends left, because they weren’t real. I know that now. That’s ok, because I now have the best of the best of friends and the best of the best of a husband. Because I stopped pretending shit was ok.

“Be joyful” in the moment, Scott. But don’t deny that you fell like Kristi Yamagochi did. Sure, fake it till you make it when your skating for gold. (Or coping your way through a pretentious cocktail party). But always be true to yourself.

I can have joyful moments, but I cannot pretend to celebrate life.
See the article and video here:

From http://www.cancer.com: *Pituitary Tumor Information


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