Where did I go?

I woke this morning feeling incredibly unhappy, pissed at my husband for not respecting me and feeling super overwhelmed at the empty days ahead. 

Somewhere in the past few months I’ve lost myself. Who am I? I once knew. But my journey with pain has left me stripped of my identity. I anger easily, I have mood swings and forgetfulness. I can’t trust my decisions because I can’t remember facts that I should. I’ve lost my dignity. Any ego that I had has been crushed. Losing my ego has been the best part of all this. Humility hasn’t replaced the ego… Pain has.   

I know who I was… Empathetic, loving, energetic, compassionate… I had patience, acceptance and light in my heart.  

Where is this person? I need her back. 

Since this is a journey, hence the “odyssey” I will begin my search with Tara Williams and learn about Energy Healing. Her subject matter seems applicable, her heart is in the right place and she is a believer. She has shared a twenty-one day journey about loving who you are and learning how to heal yourself. 

Energy Healing Podcast


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